Maharana Pratap (Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap)

Maharana Pratap

Pratap is the eldest son of Uday Singh. He is very brave and patriotic towards his motherland. He loves to hear stories of his ancestors as he draws inspiration from them and aspires to be just as brave and fearless as them. His dream is to fight and get his motherland free from the subjugation of the Afghans! From his childhood days he sympathizes with the problems of common people. He idolizes his father Uday Singh.


  • Rana Udaysingh

    Father of Pratap, Uday Singh is not only a brave Rajput king but also a very clever ruler. For the sake of his people’s wellbeing he accepts to rule under the subjugation of the Afghans but is always secretly plotting ways to wage war against them and free his motherland from their rule! He is deeply respected by his fam...
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  • Rani Dheerbai Bhatiyani

    Bhatiyani is the ethereally beautiful young queen of Uday Singh. Uday Singh is head over heels in love with her. Bhatiyani is manipulative and eventually to get her own son Jagmal to be the heir to the throne be the heir to the throne she even wants to end Pratap’s life. Though she has all the attention of Uday Singh, s...
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  • Rani Jaivantabai

    Jaivantabai is the mother of Pratap and the eventual Rajmata of Mewar. She is not loud or ostentatious like the other queen Bhatiyani. She is Pratap’s mentor and teacher who trains Pratap by telling him stories of their ancestors to inspire him and make him a brave and fearless Rajput who will one day take over the reins...
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  • Rani Sajjabai Solanki

    She is the mother of Shakti Singh and Vikramdev. She is a simpleton who does not understand the politics of the palace. She believes that the world is a nice place and evil doesn’t exist. She cannot keep a thing to herself and always carrying news from one section of the palace to another. Hence she is always led on by o...
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  • Saindas Chundawat

    Saindas Chundawat, belonging to Chundawat clan, is a key associate to the king in running the kingdom. Chundawat clan has been associated with the royal family of Mewar for a long time now. He is above all the nobles and is the most significant advisor to the king and the administrators of the state in the presence or ab...
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Kunwar Shakti , Maharana Pratap , Rana Udaysingh , Rani Dheerbai Bhatiyani , Rani Jaivantabai , Rani Sajjabai Solanki , Saindas Chundawat , Shamskhan







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