Main Naa Bhoolungi

Main Naa Bhoolungi - Ep 157 - 15th August, 2014 - Aditya falls from the cliff

Views : 3238 | Ep #157 | 15 Aug 2014

'Main Naa Bhoolungi' is the journey of Shikha Gupta, a 25 year old beautiful and independent girl. Shikha's family is approached by Sameer Verma, a 29 year old successful businessman, who seems to be the perfect guy for her. She falls in love with him, gets married and they have a baby. But all is not what it looks like and soon Shikha embarks on a journey where reality and illusions mingle and she has to find her way through a maze of love, deception, hate, revenge as well as death in her quest to discover the truth! With the increasing crimes against women, happening across the country, 'Main Naa Bhoolungi' has a story which will resonate with every woman as she follows Shikha’s journey to uncover the truth as captured in the campaign line … "Sapno Jaisi Zindagi Agar Ek Bura Sapna Ban Jaaye Toh?"..

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