Desh Ki Beti Nandini

Desh Ki Beti Nandini - Ep 132 - 8th May, 2014 - Nandani becomes the Chief Minister of Delhi

Views : 2586 | Ep #132 | 08 May 2014

Desh Ki Beti… Nandini is the story of a simple, young and cheerful girl-next-door called Nandini hailing from a middle class family in Chandni Chowk, Delhi. Nandini hails from a middle class family. Her father Ashok Pandey, is a retired government officer and mother Aanchal Pandey, a loving homemaker. She has an elder brother, Siddhart who is struggling to find a stable job and a younger college going sister, Ritu, who loves the world of fashion. While retired Ashok is still waiting to receive his pension money and Siddhath is looking for a stable job, Nandini is the sole bread winner of the family, who is working as a wedding planner. She is not only a responsible family member but also a responsible citizen, who believes in addressing daily life social problems instead of just complaining about them. Empathy, kindness, hard work and a zest to help others are the virtues she has been gifted with since childhood. For a girl, who has always fought for the right things and faced the challenges it brings with her optimism, will she be able to run a nation the way she runs her home? Will she truly become the epitome of women empowerment? Watch Desh Ki Beti… Nandini Starting 7th October…. Mon thur 9pm..

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