Crime Patrol: Satark - A Vengeful Act – Part II - Ep 248 - May 19, 2013

Views : 4835 | Ep #248 | 19 May 2013

Harish Rajput, a Carpenter residing in Jogeshwari, Mumbai leaves home, responding to a call from a house within the chawl but never returns home. What is the connection between Dinesh Sharma and Harish? Three days after Harish’s mysterious disappearance, Harish’s body is found in a nullah in Goregaon. The post mortem report reveals that he was strangulated to death more than 72 hours ago. The suspect Dinesh Sharma remains elusive and out of reach. The police get the first lead into the case. The mobile service provider gives the details of where the suspect Dinesh Sharma had procured the SIM card from. Will this lead take the police to the culprit?..

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