Crime Patrol: Satark - Bank Robbery - Part I - Ep 7, 2013

Views : 4228 | Ep #231 | 07 Apr 2013

Bank Robbery Part 2 - This episode is the second and final instalment of two-episode investigation of a bank robbery that was carried out by 3 robbers in Kanpur on the evening of 30th November 2012. The robbers had got away with the booty of over 25 lakhs, and circumstantial evidence was indicating that an insider might be involved. The Police managed to get hold of the bike that was used in the crime, but that too turned out to be a stolen bike. The SIM cards used during the robbery were also found be purchased by using fake documents. The robbery seemed to be a perfect one with no clue being left behind. Unable to crack the case, the Police called their technical expert Badri, who thought of using a different approach, and technique in solving this case. What was Badri’s plan? Will the Police be able to get to the robbers?..

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