CID - Khooni Drugs

Views : 6985 | Ep #877 | 05 Oct 2012

Geeta gets scared and faints in her own house as she observes Ghost in the opposite building's terrace thus they spot blood on the wall and team CID arrives. Daya checks each and every house of the building but does not get any response from Sumit's house so he tries to check Sumit's house and spots Sumit who was injured. Senior Inspector Abhijeet observes blood in Room no. 601's Bathroom later, the owner of the house reveals Senior Inspector Abhjeet that he had inquird about them before giving the house to Vishal and Rahul, there in other room, Nikhil spots blood and Freedy too spots Drugs on the floor. Team CID succeeds in finding a huge amount of Drugs in Vishal and Rahul's room. On the other side in the forensic lab, Dr. Salunkhe reveals that he has found blood of 2 people who literally spitted on the wall. Later, Taarika reveals team CID that they have found drugs in their blood and she faints. Abhijeet rushes for her rescue later, Dr. Salunkhe tells Senior Inspector Abhijeet that once the person takes these drugs it's impossible for him to survive for more than 15 mins. Senior Inspector Abhijeet and has yet not found their dead body. Daya and Freedy spots 2 dead body's in 2 different places. Shreya informs Daya that both of them were calling Ranjit from since past 1 month who is a big drug peddler. Will team CID succeed in arresting the killer?..

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