Bulbul Uncles invention fails as Zeher puts the lamp into the lava. Aladdin and company are now in a fix as to what to do. Jinoo starts throwing fireballs from his mouth, which start hitting everyone. Therefore, he leaves as he feels that he can hurt someone. Everyone is scared as Jinoo is in his dji avatar and is spitting fireballs. Somehow, Aladdin and GB save Jinoo along with CJ and JM and move on to their next plan, i.e., Ammi. Ammi encourages Jinoo to think and tell them where the lamp is, or where Zafar and Zeher are. Finally, Jinoo takes the name of Zeher's cave. While Ammi and others take care of Jinoo, Aladdin rushes towards the mentioned cave. Aladdin reaches there and manages to get the lamp out of the lava. Just then, Zeher opens a trap door for the lamp to fall down, so that no once can reach there. However, Aladdin uses his wit and jumps down. The trap door closes. Zafar and Zeher are on the upper floor, whereas Aladdin is below them with the lamp.