Amelia Sachs, an NYPD officer, seeks help from a retired and paralysed below the neck detective, Lincoln Rhyme, in one of her cases. The murder has striking similarities to the killings by an infamous serial killer, Bone Collector. He was responsible for paralysing Lincoln Rhyme, while Rhyme worked on a similar case three years ago. Now, Lincoln’s ex-partner Sellitto brings him on this case. Lincoln insists that Amelia wear a special rig that allows him to not only communicate with her but also view exactly what she sees. Amelia succeeds in rescuing the second victim. Her intuition makes her believe that the murderer is not the real Bone Collector but just someone who is copying Bone Collector’s style of killing. And she even succeeds in convincing the team about it. But then, the murderer kidnaps Amelia’s sister, Rachel and wants to drown her. Will Lincoln and Amelia be able to rescue Rachel? Find out in this bone-chilling episode.