Mymarapu is a romantic love story of Ram (Sasanka) and Shreya (Gaana) entirely shot in USA. Ram is an easy going person who flirts and plays pranks with girls, becomes homeless as one of his pranks on his girlfriend gets backfires. Shreya is an independent living girl who had a bad childhood, as her parents separated at a very young age. She is going through a sad phase, as she is heart broken after a bad breakup, when she meets Ram through a common friend, Swetha and starts living with him as a roommate. Both of their tastes do not match initially and slowly they both fall in love and get in to a live-in relationship. They breakup due to a small misunderstanding. Slowly some shocking points reveal what exactly happened to both and the rest of the story is how they both get together all over again.

Cast:Sasanka Voleti, Gaana Bhat, Srujana maddali
Director:Sasanka Voleti